Take spirit

Game for children ages 4 to 10 years. From two to six players.

More play on the Ludologer in English and iSidorov in Russian


Setting up the game starts with making paper boxes. You can get a template for them on the web site "Stuff". Or, just turn this part of the game into a craft to do with your kids. You're going to need ten of them. Once you make them, keep them. They'll be good for lots and lots of games.

How to Play

Take turns stacking the blocks into a pyramid. There's no points to be made during this process, it's just an opportunity to spend some fun time with your child, and sets up the game really well.

Once the pyramid is made, it's the first player's turn (start with the youngest player). On your turn, you try to blow the blocks off the pyramid, one at a time. If you blow off more than one, put them back on. It's the next player's turn.
On your turn, keep the blocks that you blew off the structure. They're your score. At the end of the game, the player with the most blocks wins!

Making the Most of It

This is a game that's a lot of fun for very young kids. You can increase the age range a couple years, by adding a simple wrinkle. Have each player make their own paper boxes, and point out that you can hide small weights (like acorns) inside the boxes. Players can then strategize. Each player knows what's in his boxes, but not what's in the others. It adds a nice "gotcha" element to an already good game.

How it helps

If you know anyone that does speech, occupational, or physical therapy for young kids, show them this game and watch their eyes light up. It transforms monotonous breathing and muscle-toning exercises into something fun. Beyond the physical, this game also opens up a conversation about friction and momentum and cause-and-effect. Develops, not only breathing, but fine motor skills and hand.